David Boschwitz
Back-End Development/Lightweight Boxer

David was born into a family of Soviet sleeper agents. After quickly integrating himself into American society, David was exiled by the Soviet government after going rogue. Living in the shadows and operating mainly at night, David completed a PHD in network security. His background in espionage has helped us to test our code and ensure quality.

Ryan Gallus
Mobile Development/Local Militia, Private First Class

After growing up in a family of poor potato farmers, Ryan invented the little plastic bit on the end of the shoe lace and quickly became a successful business owner. Using his wealth and influence, he cured Maphiliosis, a disease no one had heard of because he cured it so fast. Today, Ryan spends his time competitively ice skating and enjoying theatrical renditions of terrible movies.

Sam Jackson
Front-End/Communications/Game Development/Chief Pessimist

Legend has it that a double rainbow and a glowing new star appeared in the heavens to herald the birth of Samuel L. Jackson, in 1994, in the middle of Iowa. After graduating high school at the age of 6, Sam spent his teenage years living in the sewers of New York City; fighting crime with certain reptilian bipeds, eating pizza, and learning to code. Sam was very excited to join Group 16 (Seal Team 16) as Chief Pessimest.

Michael Rhodas
Front-End/Game Development/Snake Wrangler

Both of Michael's parents were in the circus, so Mike learned how to work with plenty of interesting animals. Mike proved essential in our game-making process with his intense knowledge of snakes. He helps us import all snakes from local sources, and ensures that they are all organically fed.